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Carlos Ramirez
Office: DeLaMare library
Phone: (775) 682-7378 Email:

Paul Hurtado
Office: Davidson Math and Science Center 220
Phone: (775) 784-4655

Kevin Shoemaker
Office: Fleischmann Agriculture 220E
Phone: (775) 682-7449

Jessi Brown
Email: jessilbrown AT gmailDOTcom

Ken Nussear
Office: Mackay Science Room 223
Phone: (775) 784-6612
Email: knussear_at_unr_dot_edu


\(Stats Chats\) is an informal weekly gathering to discuss any quantitative questions you may have related to your research.

  • Who? Anyone who wants to join in and attempt to improve their quantitative skills, or share their knowledge and experience. Faculty are more than welcome to join us (in any capacity)!

  • What? Topics we have in mind include questions about Statistics, Experimental Design, Model Simulation & Analysis, Debugging R code, etc. Anything you can reasonably describe as quantitative is fair game! Please plan on focusing on a single, well formed question (or two) so we can make good use of the hour. Occasionally we will host informational sessions on a range of topics, which will be listed on this website! Let us know if you have any ideas for topics!

  • When? TBD

  • Where Online!

  • Google Calendar ID: *

To join the \(StatsChats\) calendar, copy the Calendar ID above into the ‘Add a coworker’s calendar’ box (under ‘Other calendars’) and press Enter. The calendar will then show up in your ‘Other calendars’ list.


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Send an email to and in the subject field enter `subscribe’. Leave the email body blank.

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